Monday, August 03, 2015

Teaching Audio, part 13 -- Window Dressing


These days, it's not just the content you create, but also how you dress it up on the web, and what kind of eye candy, visual data you can add to your work to give it some enhancement. If no one notices it on the web, or if they don't like the look of it, it might become dead on arrival. Here are some links to get you inspired. As with everything, it's good to just try and see what happens, and try again, and keep making it look nicer and more effective. Here's an example of a journalist who just started her podcasting network, with a simple, breezy, web interface. Here's another simple example of a new podcast. Here's a list of nice website designs for podcasts.


Here's a link with tons of its own links for recent ideas on how to make journalism content more interactive and more visual ....

You can turn part of your audio into an audio video piece, or an audio slideshow. Here's one I edited on midwives. Here's a few long term projects about urbanization, another about small towns by Media Storm. Here's a series by the New York Times. Below is a list of buzzwords and links for how to make the eye candy and online enhancement happen.

Curating other media ....

Data Visualization ...

Timelines ....

Maps ...

Polls ...

Websites with Nice Layouts


Here's one I helped with students working on audio projects by zip codes ....

This is a site with an NPR bootcamp I've been working with ....

Here are professional examples I find impressive:

A BBC multimedia report on fracking in North Dakota

An entire series on North Dakota fracking

Public Housing NPR project

Lost and Found

Reinvention Stories

Austin Music Map

Sonic Trace

Planet Take Out


Hear Here

The Zed Omegas

Curious City

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