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My First Day in LA, Street Photography, Surfers, Residents, Tourists, Cars and Buildings

I had to go to an office to Santa Monica for some papers yesterday, so I got to spend my first day in parts of LA. In between morning clouds, rain, and afternoon sun, the bus from the airport to Santa Monica, an Uber, the metro, and a couple of bikeshares, I was able to go to the beach all the way to Venice, see fancy stores and cars in Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The metro was partly closed and I ran out of time so I couldn't make it to Compton as planned. On my way back to the airport I went through Skid Row but didn't take any pictures, just gasped as I sped through at the inequalities and the resilience of those living in their sidewalk tents. My first picture of the day is one I return to often sadly in today's America, someone pushing a grocery cart with their possessions.

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