Thursday, March 26, 2015

Boley, The Crown Jewel of America's Historical All-Black Towns

As part of the Struggle and Hope web /documentary project (follow us on Facebook here or Instagram here or watch our short videos on Youtube), on Oklahoma's important but often forgotten historical all-black towns, here is a picture essay on Boley, which still holds an annual Memorial Day parade and rodeo, and was once called "the crown jewel" of America's all-black towns, founded after the Civil War as a place to escape oppression and discrimination.

Friday, March 20, 2015

#thisishomelessness Day 3, Homeless Advocates Open New Center for Youth

After three days, out and about in downtown Reno, Neva, sleeping by the river on cold rocks, walking around with heavy backpacks and garbage bags, reaching out and making connections, homeless advocates, (including Lynette Eddy, in background of first picture with glasses, and Brian Eddy in foreground), returned to the Eddy House, where a $50,000 check was awaiting them, along with other donors, community advocates, the curious and lots of hugs. The center will soon be open seven days a week, filling gaps and providing safety, guidance, resources, and help for the most vulnerable population out on the streets.


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