Friday, May 22, 2015

#NextGenRadio #RadioBootcamp Mentoring

I had a great time this week mentoring UNR student Stephanie Serrano, as she worked on a multimedia piece about two young first generation college bound Latinas. She won the race as fastest student in the group, and did an amazing job capturing an extremely inspirational story. She worked at a high-level throughout the week from her well-angled photography, to her rich nat sounds, fun video standup and intimate interviewing. Check it out for yourself. Particularly poignant is a Spanish only interview she did with Dads of the two girls, which she included on her bootcamp blog.

Here I am among the band of misfit editors and other mentors.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Photography: Day in the Life of a Rodeo Champion

As part of the Struggle and Hope web/documentary project about Oklahoma's surviving all-black towns, I followed Rentiesville rancher Spencer Nero on one of his rodeo days. It included a late arrival to a Native American rodeo, a flat tire, changing horses, fierce competition and then finally winning some money at another rodeo.


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