Teaching Video, Part 10 -- Editing

Editing takes a lot of practice, to find your rhythm, to be able to cut the fat, to use only good video and audio, to have a beginning, a middle and an end, challenges and resolutions, clearly enunciated ideas and visuals, and that's just the theory, and not even the logistics of the software.

To get going, here's a really good video tutorial on editing with Premiere.

Here is Adobe's own tutorial to get started. Here's a "crash course" which includes cool drone footage in Nevada.

Keep Thinking of Audio

When editing, you have to think of your audio first, and making the audio track seamless. Check back my primer on audio editing. Mix your shots in logical, sequential, story building order. Establishing shots, detail, action, quote, explanation video, another action shot with nat sound, explanation video, more quotes, ending shots .... Shots should succeed each other in a way which is visually pleasing, use natural wipes (such as a bus passing in front to transition during a street scene), go from wide shot to closeup of the same scene, avoid jump cuts, and have lots of variety and your edit should work really well.

Have Fun, Be Creative, Keep Saving, Find Your Own Way

Have fun while you edit, and don't let technological / software problems get in the way of your creativity. Google or use Adobe's search function when you run into problems and headaches, and find the keystrokes and workflows which suit you the best. Keep saving your work. Make sure you are always working in a specific, well-named folder on your hard drive. Make sure to finetune the audio. When you are satisfied, step away as you may be able to trim more of the fat if you give your work some fresh eyes and ears. When you are really ready, export.

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