Videos of the Weird, Part 3: A TopTen of the Best of the Worst

#1 Surveillance Camera Man

Despite many imitators and people who seem to despise him, "Surveillance Camera Man" still brings an unvarnished look at our citizenry, who not liking to be filmed by a human up close, show themselves at their worst perhaps, even though as he deadpans, they are constantly being filmed anyway. The rage comes often, so do the laughs, but the love is rare. The documentation in this street videography style is unique, and even street religion hawkers are left dumbfounded, even though "it's just a video.".

#2 CharlieBo313

With a hidden camera on the dashboard, and roaming through some of the most dilapidated streets and areas of Detroit, this YouTuber is the epitome of the drive-by street videographer, even if little known.

#3 Memory Hole

This is a strange journey to old videos, living on in a historically vintage way, such as this man without a chin dancing in a drab kitchen.

#4 HowToBasic

The HowToBasic channel usually starts out videos in a usual formulaic yet entertaining manner, before all chaos ensues. The How to Style Your Hair Like Donald Trump though takes it to a doomsdayingly prophetic and genius level.

#5 Pouff

Pouff videos seem to have few views, but their sound on video trippy, glitch art is supreme.

#6 Noah - a "Desktop Movie"

Filming everything from the maddening journey from a teenager's desktop, peeping into a multitasking peeper's world.

#7 Too Many Cooks - Adult Swim

In this increasingly disturbing spoof of the history of bad tv intros, Adult Swim imitates all the worst to top them all.

#8 Miranda Sings - Bad Dancing and Singing

She may be Netflix famous now, and also YouTube about her real self, making the meta squared, the fake Miranda still shines and seems more real than the actress in some ways, which is probably a good thing.

#9 Alison Quinn - Killer Clown ASMR

Combining two of the worst genres single handedly, the too terrorizing killer clown videos, and the supposedly mesmerizing Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, whatever that means, of soothing stimuli, Alison Quinn, a somewhat second degree YouTuber, is caught in between the innocence and the sadness that envelops many of these weird videos.

#10 YouTube Poops

Move over Mashups, YouTube poops are beneath, not really trying, but elevating the remix art form even further, even when one producer CuteSquirrel9 - YTP, has low views, it seems brilliant, a trip through the unconscious of all eyes and hands on different screens video culture.

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