Videos of the Weird, Part 1: A TopTen in Music


No list of videos of the weird would be complete without Parisians Salut C'est Cool... just take your basic video camera wherever you go on your urban adventures, compilate ordinary yet zany material, then put to self-deprecating soft techno music and voila!


Bigott from Spain who doesn't seem very well known has many classics, including this fake bad hiding while playing in the forest "She is my Man".


Die Antwoord out of South Africa may be too famous and polished for this type of list, but they do have several classic video storylines.


Back in the more artisanal, artistic random style both in music and video is Jacques, also from France, with a shaved head, but only in the middle, posing as a waiter presenting a journey of videos from around the world.


The Australian psychedelic band Tame Impala does itself justice with layered, faux real vintage dreamy over the top, never disappointing videos.


Also from Australia, the electronic duo The Presets has very impressive mashup, old computer looking, electronic glitch videos, with that artisanal yet otherworldly feel.


In what could be called the layered, insane in the membrane desktop genre, with increasingly superimposed madness culled from the world wide web, The Shoes really do stream of unconsciousness.


In the strangest found footage surrealistic is it 80s? genre, Palmbomen, the stage name of Dutch musician Kai Hugo, takes the cake.


Back to the famous, but with an aesthetic, and discombobulated bodies style, and breaking the rules while remaining firmly in the pastel is Little Big, a Russian rave band.


To some, this may no longer be music at all, or it may be too weird and nihilistic and plumbing the depths of our visual depravities, but the work of Canadian Jon Rafman is worth a watch who according to his Wikipedia, works "around the concept of the impact of technology on contemporary consciousness." That about sums up this best of, and brings it to a fitting conclusion, of can you top that in weirdness but also evocation?

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