Going Facebook Live, Part 3: Logistics and Basic Equipment

Going Handheld

If going handheld, take advantage of what you don't have, i.e any additional gear, and make sure to take the viewer for an intimate ride, up close and personal with your face, or if in the other direction at least with your voice, while the action unfolds. Make sure the lighting is ok, read comments, engage, and most importantly don't scrape your hand across your phone's external microphone, or block it. If inside you can rest your phone on a stack of books or coffee mug as a substitute to a tripod.

Going For Minimal Equipment
A mini tripod can be useful, which you can pair up with a Shoulderpod S1, and/or with an Iographer. The different RODES and DeadCats are go to microphones , which if of the more advanced variety can be plugged in with a patch cable. A small light can also be added to the kit. There are also interesting all in one bundles for the Iphone such as here and in photo below Just start on a small budget, experiment and keep growing your brand.

More Expensive, All Inclusive Equipment

There are complaints some of the RODES don't always work well with Facebook Live, having to do with different audio standards. One more expensive solution but catching on more and more is to go for solutions specifically built with Facebook Live in mind such as the Mevo camera, which comes in different bundles and packages. The built-in microphones are decent and there's also the option to add external audio. Mini GoPros can also do the trick.

Chapter 1 in this series is about Early Facebook Live Successes.

Chapter 2 in this series is about Takeaways from Facebook Live Successes.

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