Dipping into VR Journalism, Part 4, Media Players and What Seems to Work for Them

Journalistic VR players now abound, and include many familiar media organizations, which have the resources and the staff to experiment. What works? What doesn't? What catches on?

#1 RYOT and the Experience Immersion

RYOT, the VR branch of the Huffington Post, has had many successes, both international and within the US, as well as in the environmental immersion genre, such as underwater swimming with dolphins.

#2 USA TODAY and I Believe I can Fly

USA Today did quite well with this video, experiencing flight with the Blue Angels, again in the immersive, experience it with a pro style.

#3 DISCOVERY and the Thrill of the Ride

In the same vein, as the two above, the thrill of a ride, hearing the sounds, feeling like you are there in the chaos or magic, going up and down and all around. Watch out for motion sickness.

#4 VICE and the Protest

It's probably best though if something more dramatic than just assembling and chanting happens, but getting a feel for an event works well in 360.

#5 NY TIMES and the Artist at Work Video

The New York Times, which does some amazing international VR including making viewer experience conflict, has also had success following artists in their work, such as the Frenchman JR taking on a project in the Big Apple.

#6 BBC and the What's It Like Inside Video

The BBC does very simple and short but effective postcard snippets, such as this one as the Jungle in Calais, France, from where refugees hope to get to Britain. This works sometimes better with nat sounds, than with overdone journalistic narration, unless it's a first person accountant.

#7 Radio Stations and the 360 Live Performance

Radio stations such as KCRW are getting in the VR game, and 360 videos of live performances without any extra dazzle, just showing a performance in all its circularity seems to do well.

#8 AP and the Medical Explainer

AP Digital Products has VR videos with varying success, with text and narration, but the high quality and everlasting importance of this explainer explains its higher view count than most other VR videos it produces.

#9 BUZZFEED and the ClickBait Explainer

A brilliant concept done in VR, when you're caught cheating ....Low production value, and ridiculous acting, but a great idea and good for laughs.

#10 The Local Newssite and the High School game

Not many views here, but it's an interesting concept, to watch the crowd as much as the game. This is by the Daily Freeman somewhere in New York state.

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