Dipping Into VR Journalism, Part 6, Reviews of Cheaper Basic Cameras

LG 360 Cam (less than $200)

CNet says this camera does really well with the capture part including audio, but what comes after ... editing / posting is much more complicated.

Insta 360 Nano (also less than $200)

It plugs into the Iphone 6 and ups, but seems to have glitches along the way as well.

Samsung Gear 360 (less than $300)

For the Samsung ecosystem, this camera seems to have the most buzz, so if you're in that ecosystem it seems like the best bet.

Ricoh Theta S (less than $350)

Some excellent tips and tricks from an enthusiastic reviewer below including how to watch a 360 video (take a spin in your office chair with your phone in front of you).

None of the Above

This in traffic reviewer doesn't like any of these cameras, including the Ricoh Theta S. Is there a simple, easy to use, cheap 360 camera out there?

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