Inspiration: Street Photography by Bryan Spitzer

Street photography is no easy endeavor, as you're dealing with perpetual movement, the chaos of elements and down and out strangers, but Bryan Spitzer, who has several Instagram feeds including @streetmeatnyc, (but does not follow back), does a masterful job in Brooklyn and perhaps elsewhere.

Many purists criticize street level walking photography as superficial, but to me it best captures the absurdities of our lives as clothed animals as we briefly venture in public spaces, back and forth, hunting down food, money, work and social moments in different attires. Some ply their trade in the public space, others are in slow transit. There is also always the amusing juxtaposition of art, commercial and otherwise, and reality. This screenshot, well suited for Valentine's Day is from Spitzer's tumblr website.

Spitzer seems to also excel in concert photography, and has several instagram feeds, @bdspitz (which seems to be more standard architectural cityscapes), @bryanspitzer (which focuses on concerts) and @bdspitzbnw (black and white versions).

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