Props to The Hidden South, a #Documentary PhotoJournal

As I research the Hidden South, an amazing photojournal documenting and giving a voice to errant and broken souls in the U.S. South, I notice the (human, in his own words) photographer behind the project, Brent Walker, has just gotten a well-deserved and flattering profile presentation of his work in The Tennessean, as he himself wanders through Nashville.

screengrab of Jan, 12, 2015 article

I recently came across Walker's work searching the documentary hashtag on Instagram, while posting my own photography for the Struggle and Hope project about Oklahoma's historic and still surviving all-black towns.

screengrab of The Hidden South Instagram page

Walker's photos and techniques to get access and unpublicized stories of a too often forgotten underclass, often victimized by abuse and a still failing health care system are a very useful socio-artistic endeavor, giving the dispossessed an opportunity to impact others with their hardened but still beautiful poetry of life, and hopefully inspire us all to be kinder, especially to those most in need. Walker's own life arc from preacher's son to street photographer is itself fascinating.

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