the Eye Opening, Maddening VideoArt of Ryan Trecartin

The New Yorker's superb art critic Calvin Tomkins is bringing new exposure to our century's answer to Nam June Paik in a recent article: Ryan Trecartin, a videographer who lives as an artist producing raw video with tripped out editing that makes your head spin like tearing into one small clique's Internet experience frenetically, with a style that is both futuristic and quaint, kitsch and avant-guard, extremely telling and obscure.

For fans of strange video art, who can't always make it to the latest museum opening, Trecartin has his own Vimeo page. Some of his videos are also on YouTube.

Trecartin's brilliance seems to come partly from mashing up his own staging of lives of oversharing, blurred sexual identities, perpetually putting on the game or crazy face for the benefit of ever instrusive and self-defining social, visual media that we can't seem to escape.

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