Catching up with: Struggle and Hope, Documentary In Progress

Leaving behind a very windy Reno, co-filmmaker Kari Barber has just arrived in Oklahoma for a new week of filming on our current interactive web documentary project about Oklahoma's all-black towns, Struggle and Hope.

She'll be trying to get letters signed from our prestigious panel of community and historical advisers, as we are applying for much-needed grants, while also visiting more of the remaining historical towns. She'll also look into story development, and finding some characters who can represent the towns' distinct culture of resilience, ingenuous independence and dogged survival.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to curate pictures from our work last Spring and Summer to augment our colorful and vibrant collection of pictures on our Instagram. We've also started a collection of mini-documentaries on the topic. We are trying to build a web exhibit and people's history, one picture, mini-documentary and story at a time.

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