Last Rolls of Film Photography ...

The last roll of film photography is well celebrated, from books to well-known photographers, and even (relic on relic) newspaper articles.

On a recent trip to my parents' cottage in Rhode Island, in their attic, I found my before last roll of a pro-choice protest from 2000 I think -- quaint enough.

I was not participating, just taking pictures, as Ive always loved a good protest, but since I wasn't there for work, I remember a few comments of people saying I might be some sort of a spy, even though I was still in my 20s.

Back then, there was much less citizen media, and smart phones were inexistent, so few were actually documenting the proceedings, besides me, maybe a few journalists and a few spies.

My actual last roll of film is still in my old Canon A1 camera and like for most people it certainly has inappropriate pictures, artistic travel photography attempts and other such moments caught in the past, always the age of innocence.

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