Catching up With: I BEAT MIKE TYSON #mini #documentary

On the just revealed (to me) Short of the Week website, with its own documentary subset, I was mesmerized by the 2012 I BEAT MIKE TYSON.

The film by the excellent Joshua Z. Weinstein, vimeo here, tells the sad but honorable story of "journeyman" Irish-born boxer Kevin McBride, who rose to new heights after defeating Mike Tyson in Iron Mike's last fight in 2005 but then plunged again with repeated defeats. The film shows McBride as a caring dad and husband, a giant with a constant slur, living in a very simple Boston home, even though he was once a boxing Olympian, Tyson slayer, Irish champ, "The Clones Colossus." What is shot and not shot makes this a boxing documentary unlike any other. Here it is in its entirety:

On a side note, related to this film, I might add the best of sports broadcasting is often times the post-fight interview, and no one has done it better than Jim Gray. After Tyson refused to get up to fight the seventh round against McBride, Gray led the former Kid Dynamite to unburden himself from the tumultuous weight of boxing and his ferocious past.

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