DOCUMENTARY Catching up With: I Think We're Alone Now

Now being promoted on Netflix, the brilliant, a short for a documentary (about one hour) I Think We're Alone Now about different levels of stalking, obsession, social isolation, pop celebrity obsessed culture, human brilliance/despair/beauty/ugliness/gender role confusion all wrapped into one.

This movie has so many underlying social messages, it is truly mind-boggling. For example, can exposure to Agent Orange really lead to Vietnam War Veterans having intersex children? The access to the characters is so intimate, painful, releaving and awkward, it seems this is a classic mockumentary. But is it? The center of obsession here is brief 80's pop star Tiffany.

In a very interesting interview with Vice, director Sean Donnelly rightly points out, he didn't include any interview, closeup footage of Tiffany herself, wanting to keep the mirage, distance intact, and not wanting the break the bubble.

Tiffany's own video from 1987 was trippy in its own foreboding way.

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