Catching up with: #Documentary Craigslist Joe

Also on Netflix these days, craigslist joe, a 2012 documentary about an earnest thirtysomething Joseph Garner, (who had Hangover film credentials and subsequently some Zach Galifinakis funding) trailed by superb cinematographer Kevin Flint basically living for a month off the kindness of strangers found on craigslist, especially the "Free" and "Ride Share" categories.

It's a sweet, positive, cross the US and back with a detour in Mexico, travel, emotion, fatigue-filled and eye-opening, of age technology aided community videologue, with lots of interesting sub-themes along the way, such as helping kids of the incarcerated or a down but not out former small role Hollywood actress, not to mention a young Vermont man left speechless by a Chicago dominatrix and the artistic reclaiming of the devastated Ninth Ward in New Orleans.

In the film Garner comes across as very humble and open to many experiences as they come his way, including some cold middle of the night winter hours on the streets.

Some on Rotten Tomatoes have criticized the film for being superficial with those Garner encounters, but that was the nature of his trip to keep on moving, or inversely to be sometimes lagging with those who touch him. In fairness, it has a craigslist quality, looking somewhat ragged and simple from a quick glance, with lots of bro handshakes and hugs, but full of treasures and unexpected surprises if you take the time to ride (although not for free, which would have been a good twist) Garner's monthlong and very well edited film journey to the end.

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