Inspiration: Trevor Paglen, Artist Revealer of Off-Limit Sites

A recent excellent New Yorker article and slideshow give due recognition to artist geographer and black ops secret defying investigator Trevor Paglen.

CIA renditions, drone practices, off-limits US security facilities, so-called "black spots", Paglen finds interesting vantage points and trains his lenses on them to turn them into eerily colorful photographic masterpieces. There is little commentary, only encouragement to let the mind think.

He's apparently working on some sort of museum documentary montage which would also include the dulling and numbing bureaucratic banality of paperwork some of this secretive infrastructure generates, in contrast to the chilling and suddenly destructive work it is ultimately set up for.

The New Yorker also interestingly notes his friendship and collaboration with filmmaker Laura Poitras who recently produced an equally beautiful and disturbing "Op-Doc" about alleged post 9/11 US domestic spying programs to collect personal data on a massive scale.

She apparently is teaming up with WikiLeaks volunteer Jacob Applebaum on a longer version documentary about the government National Security Agency whistleblower William Biney.

Conclusion: artists, documentary filmmakers as well as Wikileak type "hackers" are the real investigative journalists these days.

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