Inspiration: Artist of the Occupation, Boots Riley

Smooth, truth telling hip-hop activist Boots Riley got some much deserved attention and praise in a recent New York Times Magazine article about what made the Oakland occupation movement very different than elsewhere in the U.S.

a taste of his lyrics (from 3"35 in the video) ...

recognzed him as the mayor of my city who treats young black man like frank nitty mr coke said to mr mayor "you know we got a process like ice t's hair we put up the fund for your election campaign and oh um waiter can you bring the champagne" a real estate fronts as opportunities arousing to make some condos out of low income housing immediately we need some media heat to say that gangs run the street and then we bring in the police fleet harrasing me everbody till they look inebriated when we bought the land motherfuckas will appreciate it dont worry about the urban league or jesse jackson my man that owns marlboros donated a fat sum thats when i step back some to contemplate what few know sat down wrestle with my thoughts like a sumo aint no one player that could beat this lunancy aint no hustler on the street could do a whole community this is how deep shit can get it reads macaroni on my birth certificate poontang is my middle name but i cant hang i'm getting hustled only knowing half the game

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