Inspiration: the Bref wave in France, Haiku Video

Makers of Bref on the French television channel Canal + have announced their last installments will be in two days.

Bref has become a "phenomene" in France, a sort of haiku video craze, copied by many, often irritating when done at a lower level.

The style has been to portray with a succession of super fast mini scenes a very broad based story, true to a thirtysomething's life, like accepting baldness once and for all...

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or awkwardly deciding what exactly to text a recent prey ...

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What works is the bombardment of video, the right amount of humor, and a short, usually under 2 minutes, very well polished finish.

What doesn't work when imitators try it, is when it's too long, the acting is terrible, the jokes fall flat, and the quality of the video is not crisp. But you have to give them credit for trying, and sometimes it's so bad ... like this redo of the balding one, but in fairness, like in any creative form, including mine, the point is the liberation and the creative juices this bref movement has gotten going. Credit to the makers for bowing out in time as the collective craze hit its peak.

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