Ivory Coast and its Still Very Deep Divide

I will soon be leaving my long loved job at the Voice of America, which has given me so many opportunities.

One of the last reports I'll be doing is here, about still divided Ivory Coast, where I got to report from in the trenches, from 2003 to 2006.

Now that former top IMF honcho Alassane Ouattara is president, the country has stayed away from worldwide major headlines, but the nitty gritty of turning the diversity of Ivory Coast into a peaceful, prosperous nation, where people don't feel like winners or losers in the political game remains. (although that could be said about anywhere really, but perhaps on less potentially explosive ethnic lines)

This report came about with a surprise encounter with former Laurent Gbagbo spokesman Alain Toussaint, another surprise "reality" coup in the making for Ivorian state television, and the always excellent insights of Matt Wells from Human Rights Watch.

And for my own posterity's sake, as I don't know when I'll have another radio chance, here is the audio I produced for this report, complete with state television gems.

Link for audio here too