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My documentary Out for Good, trailer below, website here about an ex-con's quest to do good, will be showing at MLK Library Thursday, December 15 followed by a discussion. Event is 10:30 - 1:00 pm.

December 14, 2011
Contact: Eddie Ellis, (202) 425-0776, oneby1inc@yahoo.com

In times of financial crisis DC organizations promote money saving programs for youth

[Washington, DC, December 15]- Working to channel the anger and resentment of DC youth, One by 1 is partnering with the Center for Peace Studies and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library to screen “Out for Good”, a film on the life of ex-offender turned Executive Director Eddie Ellis, on December 15, 2011 from 10:30am-1:00pm at 901 G Street, NW Washington, DC. The screening will be followed by a youth forum, and is free to the public.

The community based partnership seeks to ensure that youth have access to community organizations and mentors, resources that are more cost effective than incarceration. According to the DC Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, on any given day there are more than 90,000 youth in juvenile justice facilities across the nation, needlessly costing states $ 5.7 billion a year on average.

Ellis wants to send a message that, “Young people can and will change when given access, opportunity, and support. We can work with young people to create safe communities in DC.”

Three out of every four young Black men in the District are expected to serve some time in prison, many in centers run by other jurisdictions, costing the district roughly $ 20 million annually. Ellis knows this all too well, having served 15 years in various super-max, federal, and for profit penitentiary facilities across the nation, beginning at the age of 14. Without vital youth programs more will find themselves in his situation, which means more crimes and more needless money spent.

Such partnerships have drawn the attention of many such as Colman McCarthy, an Award winning journalist, Georgetown Law professor and District teacher, who is bringing more than 100 of his high school students to attend the event. In previous years, his students have participated in mentoring sessions with One by 1. In response to the work of the organization, one student from Wilson High School commented, “You are an inspiration to all of us in Wilson and hearing you [Ellis] speak about your experience was eye opening. You’ll probably never realize how many people you touch.”

The hope is that the partnership is eye opening for youth and District officials alike.

Founded in 2008, One by 1 works to keep communities safe by partnering with community and youth based programs, service providing agencies and national advocacy groups to provide resources and expert trainings on equitable criminal justice reform. One by 1 improves the lives of young people by providing mentoring services and skill based projects designed to build self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills. For more information please visit www.oneby1inc.org.


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