The Hunt for the LRA

Anti-LRA activists in the United States are looking closely at new US action to help wipe out the LRA. U.S. military advisers will go up from 17 in a failed mission in 2008, which resulted in an upsurge of LRA activity, to about 100. Will this be enough? Will they be on the ground? U.S. officials have said they would have the right to self-defense.

Not everyone is happy with the mission, with some saying it will pour more support for Museveni, and some conspiracy theorists making the argument the United Statess is trying to get cozy again with his government as oil should soon start coming from Lake Albert.

The activists for now are staying optimistic it seems, even if the goal to dismantle the LRA seems as challenging as ever, whatever the reason for the timing of the current effort.

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