The Ivory Coast "Abu Ghraib" photo

People are outraged by this photo (which I touched up for commentary) saying it is degrading Simone Gbagbo, the wife of now finally fallen former President Laurent Gbagbo. I don't even know who took it. It tells many, many stories. You can see the original here.

The devout wife of Mr. Gbagbo had some of the harshest hate speeches during her husband's presidency. She was characterized as representing the warrior wing of his supporters. She also stands accused of leading death squads against Gbagbo opponents and of being behind the disappearance of French-Canadian journalist Guy-Andre Kieffer. She has a long political history in her own right.

What do you think of the photo? If you don't like it, should the photographer not have taken it? Should the news agency not have released it? Why has it gone viral?

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