Inspiration: another fauxcumentary CATFISH

However minute the morsels of thruth and annoying the central character as well as the consistent bad/good camera and plugs for google maps and searches, catching up with CATFISH was worthwhile in discovering a brilliant piece of scriptwriting and editing execution, as well as an interesting foray into a weird virtual story gone weirder when confronted to an equally imagined reality.

It's also in some parts a good parody of the documentary genre. This review does a good job in out catfishing CATFISH, a title which comes from the quote of the movie, which makes almost the entire movie worth watching.

And that's what surprised me, despite all the annoyance, and the self-evidence of the sleuths and voyeurs we all can now become, transfiguring even our own cores, this fauxcumentary is immensely watchable and an effective exercise in making a thought-provoking movie on the cheap.

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