Young Patriots Back in Action in Ivory Coast

The Charles Ble Goude led Young Patriots are back in action in Abidjan ... tmrw Sunday in Port Bouet they will show their new mettle ... as they are now more than ever against the world. How will history judge them? Will they win again?

here's a report I did about them in a previous battle they fought and won. Ble Goude promised that if he smelled something wrong he would be back out. He's now minister in a government rejected by Ivorian voters (if you include the north) and more and more by the international community (whose UN troops and French rapid reaction force have been asked to leave)

Other worrisome topics currently, the Liberian/Ivorian movements on the western border. What is the West African regional bank now headed by an Ivorian, but not a Gbagbo ally as Gbagbo tried, up to?

The current head is actually the brother of Gbagbo's former financier who became a rebel financier.

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