Campaign Against Congo's Blood Phones?

I recently did a VOA report on this topic ...

(Press Play to Hear Radio Report)

A good question from one of the experts: Why do they pick on Apple in particular, cell phone, computer, camera companies in general, and not the mining companies, many of which are based in the US, and extract, extract, extract, and continue to announce new extraction contracts, in deals cut with authorities who probably pour the money into their own luxurious lifestyles.

All this after Congo (the DRC, former Zaire) celebrated 50 years of independence, from what, I am not too sure ... Well, independence at all levels is a fight, and very difficult to attain.

Who really knows how many conflict minerals coming from Congo really go into smart phones anyway? Shouldn't the campaign be more focused on ending the war in the Congo, and not waste energy on a gimmicky this affects me so I should care approach?

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