Black History -- Bunce Island, Sierra Leone

A mini-documentary about students from the Fatima Institute in Makeni, Sierra Leone, who decide to visit a run-down former slave island, urging the government to turn it into a tourist spot. The trip brings out emotions and a feeling of connection with other parts of the world.

I actually also did a tv version for the Voice of America, which is shorter and has my voice and text as an extra layer of explanation. It's part of a series about Black History, and since material had yet to be used, my editors agreed to run it.

I think both give an interesting inside look. Filming compliments of Kari Barber who taught at Fatima Institute, in Makeni, Sierra Leone, where I previously did a photo series of some of the things they carried as well as a Secret Society magic show, which makes me realize again the only worthwhile documentary work is when you don't have an actual job! Ah the paradox of safety and quantity and conformity versus the other side ...

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