Speaking After Death Row

My latest video is about Shabaka, an innocent man who spent 14 years on death row smelling electrocution from close(d) quarters, and was 15 hours from being killed himself, or "murdered" as he puts it, all because he was a black activist framed for the murder and rape of a prominent Florida white woman.

This is a cleaned up version, of my initial effort which I posted on YouTube.

Understandably, my editor made me clean up the fonts, rejig the audio, music and ending to a cleaner effect.

He also took out the most controversial quote from Shabaka ...

"Americans operate from fear and terror. It's been stated that the people of the United States of America are populated by a people that if you get them emotional, they will do anything you ask them to do, believe anything you ask them to believe, all because of their emotional instability, and it's very true."

The editor said these were over the top comments from what he called a very damaged man.

I remember Sylvester Stallone, who had just appeared in his latest Rambo at the time, blowing people up on screen with his oiled muscles, while refusing to go to a film festival in Europe because of a Paris bombing. We take our shoes off without protest at airports, and have our bodies inspected in every which way, in the land of the free, in the name of bad guys being out there, somewhere, spiting our very freedoms.

Shabaka, meanwhile, has spent his years away from jail, where a great many luminaries gain insights or become luminaries, helping the homeless and runaway kids.


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    Nicely written.

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