A Homeless "Cat in the Hat"

Phil Black, AKA Cat in the Hat, sells the Street Sense homeless newspaper in Washington, D.C., in the upscale Tenleytown area, near Wilson high school.

He makes about 65 cents for every newspaper he sells, and also gets extra jobs and help, just by being there at his spot, for being so personable, quick witted and quick on his feet

It's a good fit for this street philosopher, who doesn't like managers, charms upper class women, and has boundless energy to brave bad weather and near constant rejection.

He's R-E-A-D-Y as he says, after spending time in jail, seeing his family leave him, having too many ulcers from work when he was a plumber and not being able to pay his medical bills.

His goal is to make 180 dollars in extra money this week to be able to buy his two daughters who are coming up from North Carolina for a Christmas visit a wii.

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