Health Care with Human Touch

While the health care debate simmers on, one question that's not always asked is why Americans always need products and services that are more expensive and more technological?

Is a Blue-Ray disc really needed over a regular DVD in all instances? Is a technologically-shaped movie written with mass market formulas better than one that isn't?

It's the same with health. Are all the latest technologies, expensive tests and drugs always needed?

Isn't common sense, sincere human interaction and natural process also valuable, not too mention much cheaper?

Why is it that when we walk in a doctor's office, it feels like they are deciding everything for us, treating us like cattle or robots, with their fears of lawsuits, and their crammed protocol, even though we are the ones paying?

Why are we so quick to believe the reasoning of people and corporations who so heavily lobby greedy politicians and whose primary motive, whichever way you look at it is to on one end stay in power and on the other drive up their own comfort, salaries, and profit margins?

Here's an audio slideshow about midwives, who don't only do pregnancy care, and deliveries in cases of no complications, but can also follow a woman with hands on care throughout her life.

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