The End of the Dadis Show?

Could this be the end of the Dadis Show?

There are wildly diverging accounts on the condition of Guinea's military junta leader, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, first known to the world through his public humiliation tactics relayed on Youtube (Dadis Show Part I on my blog), and then through the crackdown of hundreds of anti-government protesters, which he later blamed on another petulant soldier, Aboubacar Sidiki Diakite, also known as Toumba (seen below).

Not so helpful former aide de camp "Toumba"

The only consensus is that Captain Dadis, who took over in a coup last year, is still alive and in a hospital in Morocco. The information varies from he is fine, and he'll be back in Conakry in a few days, to he'll soon make a small address to the nation this week, to he can't speak and there may be permanent brain damage.

Blood continues to spill and it's not Camara's anymore.

The alleged brains behind the shooting of Camara, Mohamed II Camara known as Beugré is now said to have committed suicide, after being arrested and tortured.

Here was his last apparent appearance (last week) on Youtube, which has become a vehicle for information surpassing anything else on the Internet concerning Guinea ...


Last week, accounts vary widely about what may have happened, as Camara and his entourage are said to have approached Toumba and his men at their military camp, to discuss making him a scapegoat for the September crackdown, to also implicate some his aides in the drug trade, anyway shots were fired, some media accounts say by Toumba himself, and Camara was injured.

In the preceding and ensuing fracas, several men close to both were killed, while now Camara may be a vegetable, and Toumba has been seen, unfounded again, behind his four by four, or drinking in a Conakry bar, while barricades have been set up, ransoms have been talked about and shakedowns have been in full force as the soldiers say they are searching for Toumba.

Toumba for his part has said he will talk when the proper time comes. So basically no one is talking right now.

Foreign journalists seem to be very categorical about the facts of all this, when clearly words like alleged, a proper vagueness is in order, and attribution must be in place and in context, for in Guinea, currently, it is a macabre show, soldiers are divided, the population is suffering, elite politicians are ineffective, the song goes, but nothing else can be clear as to the doings and the condition or the future of Captain Camara.

Guinea's news outlets acted even worse sometimes, like in the above, outright calling Toumba the killer and saying he had already been arrested.


Captain Dadis, previously in charge of the army's refueling, was brash for taking over so swiftly after former long time post-coup President Lansana Conte died, and then for making wide sweeping, theatrical statements against corruption, drug dealers, the old generation, greedy international businessmen, the belittling of Africans by European diplomats, but he was also scary, in terms of the nature of his chaos and his possible ambitions to rule by the gun for as long as he could, tricked elections notwithstanding.

The September crackdown which included allegations of rape gave the Dadis Show, a decidedly macabre and putrid turn.

A people power movement would be ill advised, since clearly the guns are already drawn and the army is using real bullets even on themselves. General Sékouba Konaté, also the Defense Minister, is now in charge, but for how long, and will he start speaking as the new leader?

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