Africa's Ali-G

I decided not to post this video on my usual Youtube second degree site, because not to be vain, but some of my Africa-related videos get tens of thousands of hits, and since Youtube seems such a popular platform (more so than blogspot I must say), it could put the star of this report at risk.

Still, in the more limited scope of this blog, I thought it was worthwhile to showcase his humor, courage and undeniable talent. I met Ali-G by chance through his friend I interviewed at an opposition pre-election rally in Equatorial Guinea last year. The opposition went on to win one out of 100 seats.

Who would have thought there was an African English-speaking rapper from Spanish-speaking Equatorial Guinea? The world is a small place, but some of its dictators are still very scary.

And no one really cares, as long as the oil flows in and out.

It's a human rights disgrace.

Africa's Ali-G is a true hero of freedom of speech.

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