ONA 2009 websites I was most impressed with ...

I was very impressed with the presentation by Germany's der Spiegel international online version.

Their representative said the magazine's online version was started as a separate entity. One hundred journalists were hired to do online only, and then once the site was up and running, some of the print journalists started contributing.

I was also impressed by Globo in Brazil, and how its editors are editors on all platforms, for print, video and audio, and for all sizes of reception, including mobile phones.

Another non-American site, the Internet arm of NOS, one of the broadcasters in the Dutch public broadcasting system, also grabbed my attention.

For mobile devices like cell phones, a separate and even more simple, uncluttered interface was developed as well as unique content.

It's also important to have examples that are doable immediately.

NPR's Planet Money blog
seems to me like a very simple concept which has worked very well ... explaining the world's current economic situation through several short blog posts a day, which include different combination of photos, graphs, video, audio and text. Sweeping themes that aren't going away like the environment, health matters or technology, seem to work for this type of model, which could easily be duplicated.

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