Gay Rights Out of the Closet, Into Streets

One of my editors said the rainbow color on the title should be neutralized to one color, and that my "Have a Good March" comments should be taken out, which I did for my professional blog.

My idea is that sometimes I want to show who I am, yes behind the camera, but not a robot without feelings or inclinations.

I tried to make the video colorful and full of motion, and some insight, even if a lot of the good quotes I got couldn't make the final cut, where sometimes the show must take over the substance to make it watchable. It was also a protest after all, and protests are what they are, a big coming together, an affirmation of solidarity, a power people movement that needs sustainability to really make a difference.

Why can't people of the same sex marry each other and get full rights? Why can't gays openly serve in the military?

Young people who are of the liberal fold seem very accepting of gay rights, while the older generation even of that stripe has been much more hesitant to come around.

Europe seems to be much more ahead, since church and spiritual beliefs are separated there from the state's public affairs. Is a marriage civil or religious?

Why do the church or churchy feelings hold so much sway in affairs of the people?

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