Sides in the Web Age

What does objectivity mean? What are two sides of an argument? Isn't the Internet consumer well aware that everyone has their position, and that striving for some sort of elusive balance can merely be an artifact?

Much more annoying, I believe, is an editor's obsession with always having some sort of western establishment, credentialed, award-winning type weigh in. Sometimes, many times, the establishment should be left out of stories, or else it becomes a careful circle of warmed over expectations, rather than a story that stands on itself, that presents itself as is, naked and raw, rather than perfumed and dressed up.

Having done a few health care reform stories which were viewed by higher ups as too one sided recently, even though my videos presented particular stories, which were true, so why criticize? They wanted some sort of "other" side, to water down the original, to soften impressions of partiality. Is there really any impartiality in journalism, though?

Anyway, when I worked with this impromptu rap video at a street protest,

... for my work site, I decided to present the other side, anti-reform rappers found on the Internet.

Although in this case, I think it works better perhaps in the second version, since the rappers were only rhyming their opinion, and not projecting their very own story.

The flip side is, it was a moment, and viewers know these are both fleeting and final. In the second instance, there is also more repackaging, commentary, filtering, rather than original work.

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