New Media Version, Inside White House 2.0

I previously had an entry about the standard tv piece for this one ... this is the more youtubish version, which from professionals has had complaints about the dangling wire mike, and low audio from the question side. It's always a tricky line between how professional you want the product to look, and how staged it is, while also allowing process to show, to break down some separation between reality and video, and bring our common media awareness perpetually into play.

Clearly in this one, the new media guru has visible exasperation. The cameraman moving my chair? Asking me a question? How dare he? I asked him why he had a Lincoln figurine in front of him, if he looked like Lincoln, liked him? All I got was a silent, seemingly angry stare ...

Not enough light perhaps, or too much work? Too much pressure? Or just sometimes energies don't align.

The Washington Post has an article today on how Obama is trying to rev up the 2.0, which was more in force during the campaign really, and somewhat on international trips, for selling health care in the U.S.. Polls are down, the honeymoon is over, nobody said governing this mess would be easy.

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