Boys and Girls of Summer

When I started "journalism" as an AFP intern way back in the early 90s, I was put on the sports desk... translating stories about golf, track and field, sailing, back and forth between French and English ... discovering the rancor that resonates in newsrooms universally ...

During an awards dinner when I received a scholar/athlete award in Canada, just a month before, in my head, thinking that if I were asked to give a speech, which in the end I wasn't, I would say, "well, I guess this means I am probably more likely to cover a World Cup, than play in one ..." but truth be told as a print, radio journalist or even a photographer on a few occasions, I found covering sports dull and frustrating, wanting to be a part of the action, rather than being stiff suited, from the outside looking in, with just words and snapshots.

That is, until I recently picked up a video camera, and saw some of the potential for movement and color in sports, and I must say it was lots of fun to film this latest entry.

Maybe, also because Coach "Mac" highlighted in this piece can bring everyone up. He says it's his job when he's at his camp, that if no one is being the person who gets everyone going, he will fill that role. He fills it with "monster pops" as well, if you watch until the end of the video.

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