Pimp my ride

I met Mark Huang at a party and he told me about a new Norwegian-electric car he was promoting.

He is very smart, passionate and open, which always makes for a good interview subject. At one point, though, he went into investment fund speak, and I had no idea what he was talking about.

I've learned over time, it's good to go with stories and see where they lead even if they start from close by or a simple observation, rather than get stuck in what's been done over and over or what is planned, thought of ahead of time, and read about. So many times in Africa, initially, I thought something I passed by was interesting, but never thought of doing a story ...

Such as this great pictorial on BBC about Liberians collecting teddie bears, and accumulating them inside their cars and homes.

Hat off this week to John James for a photo essay on an anti-skin-bleach pageant in Ivory Coast.

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