Asylum Seekers

Minor changes had to be made to this one, to protect those interviewed in the piece.

It's about ordeals in seeking U.S. asylum. Cases based on sexual orientation and domestic abuse are on the rise.

I can understand the reservations. Documentaries are about access, but out on the Internet, you also don't want to give any hatemongers too precise of targets, when people trying to do good might be targeted by those with too much incomprehension bottled up inside them.

The talk shows, it seems, have taken a nasty turn of late, with many left leaners feeling emboldened and preachy, and right leaners feeling down, and reverting to sometimes dubious tactics to get attention. Following the murder of the abortion doctor, the Holocaust museum attack, knowing this is a country marked by targeted assassinations, one in the spotlight of extraordinary work or example can never be too careful.

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