Here's one below about doomsayers who give ammo to the spammers and scammers of the world. All the fearmongers. So many fears. So many security blankets which electrocute.

Of note in the last week, Wanda Sykes, if you didn't see it did not mince her words at the White House Correspondents Club. "They knew who they were getting."

She "kills" at the dinner, huffs the Huffington Post.

Dick Cheney continues his talking tour. Why?

I just watched a very good documentaire verite, a British movie from the 1970s, Asylum, which is an experiment about giving the schizophrenics free range in a free-spirited community alongside each other and idealistic medical volunteers, who quickly face the confrontation of ideals, and smarter than thou, rambling, uncontrollable, schizos.

Seemed like a very liberating movie to me, a safe haven for those who feel society is destroying them... Don't we all feel that way?

It inspired me to write a rant about my current state of journalism ....

Journalism is an acknowledgment of my intrinsic stakhanovism, coupled with laziness, and the belief in many a futility so that a pursuit to reflect thematically guided random encounters with my own distortions is what drives me for whatever reason.

It is also about finding one's voice and truths and goodnesses and absurdities in other people's words and to stretch one's style within accepted boundaries in a secure environment as much as possible. It is becoming weirder in a sense by the day.

Maybe these words should have belonged on Trips on Ash:)

Without further ado my latest entry, montage, cut and paste, say it with feeling and conviction or not, spin, spam, spun ...

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