Historical Lesson of FDR's 100 Days

This was with VOA's Jim Malone, who took the FDR lens, when I thought we might go more current Obama for this story. Turns out reviving FDR is very revealing, and Jim does an excellent job of giving historical nuggets in a very educational manner.

History or ourstory is crucial to putting things into perspective.

And we can't really judge the present in any way. Maybe Obama has done less than FDR in the first 100 days, but the government has pretty much taken over GM, sent the banking industry in a slightly new direction, started lots of construction projects, and reversed course on a lot of Bush policies.

Stories are out today, including on CNN, about how a Spanish judge is considering legal action against top Bushites for institutionalizing torture. There have been warnings that those who may become implicated may not want to travel outside the U.S. pretty soon.

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