Health Care Bus for Immigrants

This one is about a free clinic on wheels which tours the Washington D.C. area. It's in documentary style with subtitles and unlike most video up on my site, shot entirely by me!

I am taking a VJ refresher class this week as well with a Sony PD-170 so maybe inchallah my video skills will improve. It's already been pointed out I never got the first class. Excuses, excuses, excuses. I find it's always good to set the third rate bar low.

I have always been in the utilitarian / storytelling primacy / unclicheed / lazy mold where I believe perhaps out of laziness too much stylism gets in the way of the story in the rawness of realities in the grimness that we all face, but perhaps I am wrong.

Growing up, I liked to read Emile Zola, who developed what I learned in French literature class to be naturalism, which is to present reality as is and not to varnish it too much with rosy strokes, not to make beauty with artistic techniques of reproduction but simply by portraying the reality of our imperfections.

Anyway, there are good samaritans out there as this video attests.

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