Angry Man - My Musical Debut

I've always wanted to be a DJ, but it just never happened. My favorite is Kid Loco who often times resamples slightly crazed words, sometimes from legendary documentaries, to trippy music.

I also hate manuals. I have tons of cookbooks but have yet to open one. I can't assemble IKEA furniture to save my life. I now tried Garage Band for Dummies, but realize I need a series for sub-Dummies or something, because by page 14 I am already lost.

Anyway, I decided to make my own song with Garage Band called Angry Man. I am vocals, by the way, the rest is Apple shnazzle.

If you are out there, tell me if I should pursue music. Also if you know how they make that music for Media Storm web documentaries, that loungy dramatic music often used in soundslide type productions, let me know ...

Now have a listen to Angry Man. Thanks!

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