Bicycles of Birao, Central African Republic

I tried to be a bit more creative on the tv editing of my tv version of this, (search birao, if it's been a while), with some cheesiness in the write up. The suggested intro also has cheese ... This may not be the Tour de France or an Olympics race. But men in Birao take their bikes seriously, both as a livelihood and sign of social status. Kari Barber did a really good job on the filming. Radio version soon to come out, as part of a Voice of America Africa (search: colombant) series.

I've found during travel, it's good to keep an open mind for what is intriguing, or whirls around, or keeps on making you wonder, such as, in this case, the number of bikes in every direction, and the flowers, single, ripped, plastic, with lights, in bunches, solitary, on the bikes men rode. That's why travel is my favorite reporting mode. It keeps the movement and freshness going.

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