I finally finished my bad movie about not making a good one. My first movie! If you can call it that. Shot with a very bad camera, with no idea of what I was doing, and with terrible mics. But conceptually, I believe it has something, as well as food for thought on the society we live in or out of or within, below and aloofly atop. It stars Kenny of "Conversations with Kenny" fame. (Those were multi-media conversations. If you missed them, they can be found within my categories.)

Rocktober will soon be up in its totality on my equally third rate pseudo creative, making its debut, the return of Damon Adeoquine, website, It will also be up on my experimental video site, Let me know what you think! Should I quit my day job and become a no longer cosseted dwindling savings malarial drowning in the surf freelance paperwork waiting for payments like Godot my own shifts with convention and conventional hobo sporty reading writing trying to sell things and probably failing travel bum?

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