Alternate ending (beginning)

Rocktober, which can be viewed on or on, in full, with the different parts following each other (due to ten minute limit for each part), had its first public showing, but not very exhilarating reviews.

Members of the panel, including a professional film producer, said at least they hadn't fallen asleep, or walked out, and that they had stayed with the movie throughout, and that why not, it's a start. That's what I thought as well, Kenny and me, need to keep on, not with this project, mercifully, but with others.

Another member of the panel said Kenny should have rehearsed his lines, or been more energetic in his delivery, but this movie is actually fact, raw fact, lets the words flow as they were said, as life lived, and does not manipulate or fabricate a la Michael Moore, or many other video polemicists who like to make themselves star, rather than honestly present a subject matter on film, they also distort in whichever direction their plot needs to go. But polemicism if that was a word sells and is appealing.

But that's not the philosophy of third rate productions. Barely a chuckle was registered, although one was heard in which I agree to be the funniest part of the movie. So it seems mediocrity beckons. Ive always been a bit wary of mediocrity, but maybe inside mediocrity is not that bad of a place after all.

It can perhaps be easier to digest ethically. If we were all mediocre and less ambitious, I believe, the world would be a cleaner, greener, more relaxed place.

Anyway here's an alternate ending to Rocktober.

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