Slideshow of Recent Ivory Coast History

If you click on this link, you'll get a slideshow with Ivorian music and photos (mostly by me), talking about the recent history of Ivory Coast and question marks for the long-awaited elections now promised for November 30th. Burkina Faso, France, Libya ... what role will these African power brokers play?

When will democracy in Africa go beyond ethnic politics? Can socialism work in Africa, or anywhere for that matter? Why is it rules to run for president in Africa are so often ethnically exclusive, when the borders were so artificial to begin with. The post-independence Ivorian "benevolent dictator" Felix Houphouet-Boigny had foreigners come to work, giving them the right to vote as well, and making all of Ivory Coast richer. The opposition called these foreign voters his "electoral animals". When he died, and corruption escalated to a wider scale, rather than just for him, it seems the bridges over the lagoon of Abidjan did become mirages.

When will the security rackets end?

Shouldn't the sons and daughters of migrant workers who were born in Ivory Coast, who play for the Ivorian national team, who compose some of the best Ivorian music, get the right to vote? Why is Alpha Blondy, so long the visionary and early warning signal, now backing Laurent Gbagbo? Why are the main opposition leaders, formerly in power, so desperately craving a return to power?

Non-violent types in Ivory Coast will tell you a Rwanda scenario was avoided. What will happen next?

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