Raw and intimate broll of Dakar, Senegal

Dakar can feel dusty and dysfunctional but it can also be dreamy, full of beautiful sounds, rhythms of the market and perseverance in the face of external elements.

Sharing food from the goodness of angels and dancing with an energy from the gods are two thoughts I would associate to this once storied capital I will soon be leaving.

Anyway, I was asked to provide broll of Senegal for an editor. So I looked through old archive tapes, and found one shot just over the course of a few hours by fellow Dakar journalist Phuong Tran, who has an amazing way with access. I found her filming here very intimate and very rich in its panorama, to which I cut in and out using my favorite style of wipes.

Waforo! (which is from an Ivorian book). My French language is still Ivorian, but I can feel the sunshine and the strength and resilience of Senegal as well.

"Armee Francaise Allez Vous En!" I also just learned France has more than half of the cfa franc reserves in its own bank in Paris. Too bad the death of Francafrique announced was then pulled back as the minister who was calling for it was moved from his post.