Liberian Recruits Getting US Military Training

If you click on this wordlink, this time you get Liberian recruits getting US military (contractors with upside down stars and spangle) training for a post-war army (upside lone star).

More guns, and pow-pow, actually shot on the same day as the Indian women peacekeepers, these guys (despite pr efforts, there were no visible women) will basically replace the previous eventually, even though the Indian women are a police unit, but in Africa, whatever intentions, soldiers have a tendency to leave their barracks in crisis situations.

What if there was a war and no one showed up or followed orders to press buttons or agreed to build or sell all the weaponry in the first place? What if the protesting human shields never left their positions? What if there were no armies, and peacekeepers had no guns?

The militias would run roughshod? They do anyway. Let them pow pow beat down with their boots on soil they thirstily and greedily want everything from and realize at one point maybe the absurdity and irrationality of it all.