What Happens When Rebels Fail to Take Over?

In Chad, fly-infested bodies rot in the streets, trees are cut down, military rule of the paranoid and increasingly isolated is hardened. Is this Darfur orphangate, pseudo-humanitarian, Francafrique at work? What if Sudan-backed rebels took over, expanding the Chinese-Kharthoum side of things? One human rights activist says it would be the "stability of the graveyard."

Is there no other option than the ruthless attention seeking, money-thirsty warmongers?

What is it with ethnically-driven politics where options are so dismal? Like in Kenya, Ivory Coast or Togo, where the choices are endlessly ripping between a corrupt, my group first, lever-holding minority, and the even more corrupt majority, me only, flag bearer, while outside powers weigh in at crucial times stopping whatever violent momentum has been unleashed?

"Choose the path of non-violent resistance and continual negotiations, if possible," this may be easier said than done, given the underpinning of youth rumblings and frustrations in a context of high prices and fewer and fewer opportunities outside of military or para-military groups for the angriest of the non-connected (outside of ethnic affiliation) lot.

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